blade pc game

The Shadow game streaming of a French start-up company, Blade is launched in California, and this is the first time the company is making its product available in the United States. The first data center of Blade was launched in July 2016. Since then, it has been operating in France.

It has partnered with San Jose’s Equinix datacentre to bring the product to the U.S. This game streaming was launched in the United Kingdom last month, and finally after a series of live demos given in January, the product has finally come to the U.S.

The Shadow Subscription cost is around $34.95 per month with a commitment of one year service. For three months, it costs around $39.95 per month, and with no commitment, it costs around $49.95 a month. Users are given 2000 dollars’ worth remote Windows 10 PC with an access to internet streaming device for the subscription fee paid by the customers.

The French company also said that the company plans to expand its business beyond California this year.

A streaming box from the company can be rented by the users to access Shadow. This streaming box acts as a video decoder and it can handle peripherals like mouse, keyboard, and monitor. Overall, it acts as a desktop component. Moreover, Blade has announced that it has apps for Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows devices, which are to be launched soon.

These apps will help you to make the streaming box setup at home and use this Shadow app for playing on the phone, tablet, and standard laptop on the go. It works only if the Shadow box is connected to Ethernet. It costs around $ 140 (one-time fee) to rent the shadow box or $10 per month.

The company also stated that it is going to spend some time with Shadow Box even before releasing it into the market. This way, they can judge its quality and efficacy.


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