Toby Haynes is the director of black mirror. The episode, ”USS Callister” of season four of Black mirror has been really admired by the fans.   Amidst all the craze, the director explained clearly about the hidden USS Callister cameos in the show and pulls the viewers towards it.

The more special cameos occurred at the end of the first episode of the fourth season at the time the digital crew becomes successful in breaking the tyrannical captain, which belongs to the digital crew.  The director explained every major thing about the cameo and looks in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

According to the director, it was an extremely difficult task to maintain balance when the balance was not patronizing, but still, with all their efforts and appreciable hard work of the crew, it became possible to perform it in a perfect manner.  He further cleared that even at the end of episode voice over, the plot was not exposed and has been kept a secret and will not be revealed in the final episodes.

He further said that the Dunst has been appearing as a celebrity, whereas Waldo, for an insignificant bit of footage, he tried his level best to remain in the episode. For Toby, they had gone through three versions to check the exact accent.  Initially they were involved in comedy, however, Charlie was not much comfortable with all this, but after all that, she managed herself to cope up and give an astounding performance.

Actually, Toby and his entire team wanted to have a platform where they can raise the voice to express love for virtual or computer games. Also, they wanted different talented artists, who can play all these virtual games in an exquisite way. The virtual gaming company has created their own platform, following the supreme version created by them only. People have been really astounded by this new version.


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