It has been quite some time since PUBG has become a rage amongst all the youngsters. Players have largely become addicted to the game and unfortunately have started neglecting their families because of the game. Sensing the problem the Gujarat Government has strictly instructed not to play this game in the school premises. Some players have crossed the limits of insanity by hurting themselves because of losing the game to their opponent.

In the midst of all these insanity, there is one story that proved to be a life changing game for them. In one of the cases, PUBG played as a cupid to connect two players who later on fell in love with each other and got married.

Nourhan-al-Hashish started playing this game with his friends when it was just launched. In one of the normal matches he accidently matched with a girl who later became his partner. Surprising they got engaged on Twitter platform after they fell in love with each other.

“Started from PUBG, now we are here,” is what Nourhan penned down in one of his recent tweets. Shortly enough, the tweet went viral after this and garnered around 13 thousand likes.

Although it is not clear if the couple has tied the nupital ties or not, but this is really a surprising way to find love while playing games. Additionally, the makers of the deadly game have updated that 0.11.0 which is deemed to be the latest update will be rolled out this month with a new mode coined as the zombie mode. Let us know your experience with the latest update in the comments below. If you also have made friends over PUBG gaming platform do let us know your experience as well. We will be glad to hear it from you.


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