The relation between Bitcoin and Wall Street has not been a smooth walk always and usually the Wall Street authorities have stood against digital trading. But, this relationship is finally being established on a better terms since the news of higher authorities from Wall Street who are launching various Bitcoin led initiatives, which clearly signifies that the big hot shots at Wall Street are finally accepting the credibility and the potential that the digital currency Bitcoin has to offer to the world.

As the week progressed, the famous newspaper New York Times was seen reporting that the famous Intercontinental Exchange was focusing on developing a trading platform online, which would eventually allow the investors who trade in large volumes to buy and hold the Bitcoins for long term. This initiative can actually be positive news for the Bitcoin fraternity, which would encourage the Bitcoin market to delve into the main financial market.

The CEO of the Exchange Jeffrey Spreecher said – “There is a trend here we can’t ignore in my mind, so I don’t discount it.”  This proves that the digital currency is not yet going out of trend and it is definitely not a scam as perceived by few countries.

Good news has just started rolling in for the staunch followers of Bitcoin users who still believe in the potential of the market. Few other top rated financial platforms are collaborating and integrating the digital currencies in their systems. One of the world’s famous financial companies Goldman Sachs has also confirmed integrating and opening their personal trading unit for the world famous cryptocurrency Bitcoin. The project is scheduled to start pretty soon.

This definitely indicates that the Wall Street authorities are looking forward to have a healthy relationship with the authorities of famous cryptocurrency exchanges.

This news may definitely lead to an uptrend in the prices of the famous cryptocurrencies, which are leading the current market in the year 2018.


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