Bigg Boss Telugu Weekend Review

Bigg Boss Telugu Weekend Review

Bigg Boss Telugu is Telugu reality show hosted by Jr. NTR (Tarak) which slowly getting in to all Telugu households. The shows features 14 celebrities named Hariteja, Jyothi, Kartheeka, Madhupriya, Mahesh Katthi, Shiva Balaji, Mumaith Khan, Dhanraj , Aadarsha Balakrishna, Sampoornesh, Archana, Kalpana, Sameer and Prince Cecil who are locked up for 70 days facing 60 camera’s.

The show has stepped towards its first elimination process which is aired on 22st July and 23rd July. The contestants who are eliminated for first week nomination are Hariteja, Jyothi, Kartheeka, Madhupriya, and Mahesh. Kalpana became the captain of the show.

The show started with the entry of Tarak, who is looking his best in the show. With his humorous best Tarak took a dig at every contestant. Later, Tarak talks to every contestant about their behaviour in the house and experience in one week. Jr. NTR took a dig at Siva Balaji, who is continuously taunting Bigg Boss for not having access to cigarettes. He praised Archana for calming Siva Balaji throughout. Tarak addresses almost every housemate by cracking jokes. He also teased Mahesh for not working at all.

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Tarak later announced that, Madhupriya and Kartheeka are safe from the nominations this week. Jr. NTR assigned a task to Mahesh, who is nominated. He was asked to go to the store room and bring a tray which is covered. Later the tray is revealed which is stacked with ladoos apparently bitter ones. Tarak asked the contestants to come forward and feed the bitter ladoo to whomever they wish. Jyothi was feeded with four bitter ladoos.

After the fun task, Tarak asked Mahesh to pack his bag and leave the house right away. Everybody got emotional with the announcement. Later the episode ended and the elimination process continues on next day.

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After the entry, Tarak asks all the contestants to hold a placard which read ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. This game actually helps contestants t know what they actually feel about each other.Later, Tarak asked all the contestants to draw an imaginary face of Bigg Boss. After the funny conversations, Jr.NTR revealed that Mahesh and Haripriya are safe from nominations this week.

As speculated, it was Jyothi who walked out of the ‘Big Boss’. She is the first contestant to be eliminated. After coming out of the house Jyothi said Jr.NTR, that most of the contestants in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house are paying double games and hence, her elimination.


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