Bigg Boss Telugu Episode 2

Bigg Boss Telugu Episode 2 (July 17) Review : The much talked show Bigg Boss premiered on Sunday 16th July. The craze of the show is creating a stir among the audiences. The much-excited show because Jr. NTR being the host of the show along with 14 contestants namely Shiva Balaji, Mumaith Khan, Dhanraj, Adarsh, Sampoornesh Babu, Archana, Madhu Priya, Kalpana, Mahesh Kathi, Jyothi, Sameer, Hari Teja, Katthi Kartheeka and Prince Cecil for 70 days in a house.

Bigg Boss Telugu is the most expensive show ever made in Telugu television history. The second Episode was aired on 17th July in Star MAA which seems to raise the expectation of the audiences already. The episode is filled with twists, discussions and what not.

Bigg Boss Telugu Episode 2 Written Updates

At 3:00 am

All the contestants were having a chat while Bigg Boss (BB) calls all participants to gather in the living area. BB asked to name a person whom they think is undeserved to be in the show, and members cannot take their name. Each contestant took the name of the person they feel undeserving.The four nominated candidates are Sameer, Sampoo, Jyothi, and Kartheeka. Out of the four Sampoo got highest votes. To the twist, BB made Sampoo captain of the week.

Bigg Boss congratulates Sampoo on being the first captain of the house. The full authority will give to Sampoo. BB also mentions that on being the captain, Sampoo is exempted from nomination procedure this week. BB explains all the responsibilities of the captain to Sampoo and checks whether the housemates are following. He also allotted a special bed with separate bathroom especially for the captain.

Bigg Boss Telugu-Episode 1 REVIEW: Contestants Intro & Highlights

Day 1 –The day started with a song “pranamam” form Janatha Garage. The entire contestants wake up dancing to the song and everybody puts on the mic sets.

At 11:15 am, DhanRaj and Sameer make fun of Mahesh Katti’s and Siva Balaji’s snoring. Kalpana asks Hari Priya about last night sleep and new place. Meanwhile, Jyothi asks Madhu Priya to shift beds, Madhu Priya skips the question.

The bell sound rang and all the contestants to go store room. They all were excited to see all the groceries for one week. Siva Balaji and Archana started to discuss the provisions. Siva Balaji divides 14 per between person for the whole week.

At 12:45 PM: Kalpana and Mumaith had a small discussion about the work they do. Mumaith wants Kalpana to cook food while Kalpana says she can clean the bathroom if needed. Mumaith says “Who does cook food, do not touch kitchen.” DhanRaj and Mumaith want to allow work equally.

Mumaith, Adarsh, Sameer, and Sampoo are discussing the situation going on in the house. Mumaith tells Sampoo to be strict and do his work properly. DhanRaj asks Sampoo to keep supervision teams on food, cleaning…etc.

 At 2:45 PM: Kalpana sings a song to entertain the contestants, and all of them had a light movement. Mumaith and Kalpana dances and the whole house members join them.

Bigg Boss calls Sampoo to the confession room. BB asks him to sit. He also reminds him of the responsibility of being the captain. BB wants Shampoo to keep a check on all house members and make sure they follow the rules. BB asked Sampoo to tell house mates to go to the smoking zone area one-by –one not in the group. Then Sampoo conveyed the message to all the house members.

Evening at 7:15 pm, BB asks all the house members to gather in the living room to begin this week nomination process. Contestants have been invited to come to confession room one by one and give two names whom they want to nominate this week for elimination. The captain will be spared from the nomination, and no one can take his name. Every contestant gave two names each with valid reason. The final list of nominated candidates this week for elimination is Hari Teja, Madhu Priya, Mahesh Katti and Kartheeka got nominated this week.

After the nomination process, BB sends a letter with a message. The letter says that the candidates are given a chance to tell an emotional incident they faced in life and regretted in front of each member. This task gets to see the emotional side of the contestants. Every member shared their emotional stories, and the show ended on a sad note.In coming up episode, we get to see the contestants performing the task assigned to them.

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