WhatsApp, the very dynamic and most popular messaging app is sound in news again. As we know, messages and transactions on WhatsApp, are as labeled, end-to-end encrypted. WhatsApp uses this high quality and effective encryption technique to secure and guard our messages. The application has built a high definition security mechanisms to ensure the privacy of the users. Till date, the app has been using this high standard, definite and strict security features comprising encryption methods.

But now, the buzz is all about the security flaw that has been identified in WhatsApp’s security and privacy features. The flaw enables the intruders to not just steal and read your messages, but also modify them. WhatsApp users are not safe! The hackers can bounce on all our text, voice, video, audio and picture messages. To add upon, documents and links communicated on the channel, are also not safe.

There are a set of people called as hackers, who are waiting to unlock all your secret, which means they are capable of accessing your private and personal messages which are encrypted by the end-to-end encryption technique, used by WhatsApp. Though the application has taken sufficient care about users’ privacy and security, there are situations which are challenging to handle in this context.

What is the security loophole all about?

WhatsApp promised end-to-end encryption of messages, communicated among the users. It means that using the technology of cryptography, whatsApp enables the users to enjoy complete freedom of privacy. But, a recent report has revealed about the flaw that WhatsApp security system is facing. The security model is vulnerable to attacks. It is prone to invasions.

Hackers can exploit the security protocols. The users communicate and the messages go to these dangerous hackers before reaching the recipient. The intruders can then read, modify and send them to the recipient. The worst part is that both the communicating users may not feel the attack. Hackers can reply to private message and send public message in the name of private. These may hamper relationships and if you happen to share intricate details like bank details, then your details are bound to be compromised or altered. Please confirm the details before making any transactions.

Check Point researchers has updated recently by stating that hijackers can participate in group conversation. The sender’s identity can also be trapped and hijacked. These unethical attempts have s serious need to see their end.


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