Best Bothie apps

The newly launched Nokia 8 smartphone grabbed the entire tech enthusiast’s attention with its Bothie feature. Essentially, this Bothie is an option to use both front and rear camera at the same time which makes one image together. This also extends the benefits to capture a Bothie video and Bothie live stream. Unlike taking single photos by switching camera, this new bothie camera feature impresses users by capturing both the sides of the story on the go.

How to get Nokia 8 like Bothie feature on any Smartphone ?

However, this Bothie is not just limited to Nokia 8, there are few apps which provide this Bothie feature on any Android Phone. Here we provide you best Bothie apps which provide you next level photo experience to the selfie.

Best Bothie apps

Bothie 2:

Bothie 2 app gets two separate photos into a single bothie! You can put your selfie into the main photo to add your own reactions and capture your memories.

Bothie 2 is available for free download without ads. However, Bothie 2 does not activate both cameras at once which is not possible with the standard Android camera APIs.

Bothie 2 appFrontback:

Frontback app is the most delightful way to frame your story with photos. You take photos with the front camera on the Frontback app and another with the back camera. Frontback app allows users to share them both in a single image. This is one of the Best Bothie apps to make use of both front and rear camera at the same time.

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This camera app will turn your phone camera amazing Bothie camera device by using both the front and back cameras of your phone. Never miss a photographer in the same frame of the image you capture. All you have to do is install the Frontback app and experience the amazing Bothie experience.

Frontback app2Stories – Front Back Selfies

Have freaking photos with you to express your story? 2 Stories camera app is an interesting way to tell stories using a back camera and then with the front camera. Share both the pictures in a single image.

This is awesome Frontback photolab! 2Stories app packs the most useful editing tools to make some stand out selfies. You can even add stickers to the image while preview and click the picture when you are ready.

2Stories App

2Stories Photo app could be the best Bothie app for your incredible selfies. Share your Bothies on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all other social networks!

CamDuo: Front Back Photo Suite

CamDuo App allows users to take a picture with a back camera first and then the front camera. No more worries about not being the frame you capture. You can now skip editing for your presence in the Pics. Frame dynamic collages using own photos as backgrounds. The options and features which CamDuo app provides will please users to be one of the Best Bothie apps.

CamDuo app

It takes and edits wonderful pictures and makes fun dynamic collages using your own photos as the backgrounds. CamDuo App Provide a whole suite of editing tools to enhance your photo experience. Besides that, it provides an option to share photos on Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and all other social networks instantly.

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