abdomin Fat cancer

A new study states that abdominal fat is one of the main reasons for the cause of cancer. Belly fat proved to increase the risk of cancer. According to the scientists, increase in the level of a protein produced by fat in the body converts non-cancerous cells to cancerous cells. Obese is the reason for many health diseases like diabetes, cardiac arrest and now cancer.

How Obesity Causes Cancer 

When fat is grown in the body firstly, it gets stored in belly apart. Now increase in one protein in high level causes the cells to convert into cancerous cells. Till now actually, the reason was not explained, but after carrying out the study, scientist confirmed the cell transformation.

Researchers from the Michigan State University (MSU) in the US show cased their study regarding cancer due to abdominal fat with details. Jamie Bernard, an assistant professor at MSU, said: “While there have been several advances in treating cancer and improving the quality of life of patients, the number of new cases continues to surge.”

They also proved that lover layer of abdominal fat causes more danger than the fat stored under the skin. Reactions in the proteins produced by abdominal fat are the ultimate reason. Bernard stated, “It’s important to understand the cause so we can do a better job at reducing the number of cancer cases using dietary modifications or therapeutic interventions.”

Increase in fat is nothing but obesity, and it has been a reason for many kinds of cancers like including breast, colon, prostate, uterine and kidney. But the experienced scientist says that overweight can’t be considered as the reason for disease. “Our study suggests that body mass index (BMI) may not be the best indicator,” Bernard stated.

Jamie explained, “It is abdominal obesity, and even more specifically, levels of a protein called fibroblast growth factor-2 that may be a better indicator of the risk of cells becoming cancerous.” So that protein named FGF2 is the reason for conversion of cells into cancerous cells.

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In two types of belly fats, she informs that second layer, visceral fat is the most harmful one when compared to the first layer, subcutaneous fat. Other researcher famed postdoctoral student Debrup Chakraborty carried out his experiment on mice. He fed them with high-fat food and discovered that fat is the one which caused more danger. It was noticed that production of a large amount of fibroblast growth factor-2 (FGF2) protein showed a lot of difference than other fat content.

They tend to observe a large quantity of FGF2 protein in a lady suffering from cancer. “This would indicate that fat from both mice and humans can make a non-tumorigenic cell malignantly transform into a tumorigenic cell,” Bernard explained. After carrying out the research, they could only confirm the involvement of the protein in the cause of cancer but couldn’t confirm it as a direct reason.


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