The proposed raised hall, which will jumble the city through 102 km, will influence upwards of 1,131 properties and require a sum of 56.89 hectares of land, as indicated by the natural effect evaluation report arranged by Karnataka Road Development Corporation Ltd. (KRDCL) as part the last practicality report on the much-advertised venture.

The report, which was made open as of late, states that the recognized properties incorporate 209 private, 577 business, and 32 religious structures. The KRDCL will burn through ₹11,555 crore to procure the properties.

According to the report, of the 56.89 ha of land required for the venture, 17.76 ha is claimed by private gatherings.

Aside from this, 33.52 ha of land claimed by the State government, 2.54 ha of safeguard land, and 3.07 ha of land possessed by the Union government will be required for the undertaking.

The State government has given its endorsement to take up the task in four stages and tenders have been glided for structure the 22-km north-south passageway from Baptist Hospital to Silk Board.

The arrangement of the raised hallways will be for two/four/six paths, contingent upon the prerequisite and the accessibility of room. The width may change from 18 m to 62 m.

The undertaking has been a bone of dispute between areas of residents and the legislature, and an ongoing challenge against it saw an enormous turnout.

Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy, who later met with natives’ delegates, guaranteed them of open counsels for the undertaking.

Vertical greenhouses proposed

The raised passage undertaking will see upwards of 3,716 trees being hacked out. Among the measures referenced in the natural effect evaluation report for compensating for the loss of green spread is the formation of vertical greenhouses.

The proposed venture has been reprimanded from earthy people and segments of residents for the effect it will have on tree-lined roads of the city. They have additionally affirmed that the venture will just advance utilization of private vehicles.

The report, arranged by the KRDCL as part the last practicality report, expresses that the 102-km raised hall will have 2,751 columns with an all out zone of 64,820 sq. m. Vertical patio nurseries won’t just build greenery along the passage, however will likewise help ingest air poisons and residue, hence diminishing the effect of unpalatable gases essentially, it states.


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