If you find yourself in danger, you can always call 112. Irrespective of what conditions you are in, you just have to memorize a magic number, 112. They want to combine all the agencies that work as a back end team. So that there will be do delay in attending to the problems they say.  

How 112 would be utilized will be seen post its execution crosswise over India. Let us anyway attempt to comprehend a little about Public Safety.

Part XIV of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) comprises of 28 segments (268 to 294A) which talk about eleven main instances of irritation that have been made culpable under the Code. These are principally “Offenses influencing the Public Health, Safety, Convenience, Decency and Morals”.

As per Sec 268, an individual is liable of an open aggravation on the off chance that he/she does any demonstration or is liable of an illicit oversight which causes any basic damage, threat or disturbance to the general population or to the general population as a rule who abide or possess property in the region, or which should essentially cause damage, check, risk or irritations to people who may have event to utilize any open right.

I would be interested to know how regularly this segment is utilized for open security.

In India, unnatural mishaps like street mishaps, suffocating, coincidental flames, falls, electric shock, and so forth represent a normal of 36 deaths consistently. Such mishaps are regularly because of carelessness – either by different experts like Water Supply Board, Electricity Department, and so on., or by us – ‘the normal man’, or both.

Street mishaps in 2014 represented the biggest number of deaths in India.

1,41,526 deaths => 387 lives were asserted on and by our streets every day.

Around the same time, fire mishaps represented 19,513 deaths in our nation 53 lives being unnecessarily lost to flame every day.

We, the general population, are very powerless. We give off an impression of being ending up in possibly risky circumstances consistently and independent of where we are – going out and about, living in our lofts or even while working at a tall building office.


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