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Paisa Vasool First Look: Nandamuri BalaKrishna (NBK) and Director Puri Jagannadh will go with live chat on Facebook to chat with their fans. He will be releasing his first look poster of his current movie tentatively titled as ‘NBK 101’Film Paisa Vasool on Facebook. The production unit said that the first look would be published by BalaKrishna and Puri Jagannadh on 2 PM saturday i.e 10th June as it is the birthday of Balakrishna. Balayya said that he would do the live chat for the first time he’s going online with fans from the sets of the movie in Portugal.

BalaKrishna new movie is tentatively titled as ‘NBK 101’. Balayya Babu hates artificiality in the making of a film, so he didn’t even take the help of dupes for his stunts. Some speculations say that in one scene there is a chase between a car and a train.

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BalaKrishna is seen sitting in the car with Shriya and the car is made to drift and take a 360 degrees spin. Without any fear Balayya did it by himself. Shriya who is sitting beside BalaKrishna is shocked and took some time to come out of it.


Coming to the movie, it is an action entertainer that is currently in shooting process at Portugal. As per sources, the movie has been shooting there from May 13, and the scheduled is to be wrapped by the third week of June. Anand Prasad produces this high budget film. The movie has three heroines – Shriya Saran, Charmee, and Muskan.

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