Babu Baga Busy Movie review

Babu Baga Busy Movie Review:

Movie Name: Babu Baga Busy

Cast: Avasarala Srinivas, Mishti Chakraborty, Sree Mukhi, Tejaswi Madivada

Director: Naveen Medaram

Producer: Abhishek Pictures

Genre: Adult comedy

Language: Telugu

Original Movie: Hunterrr 2015)

Release date: 5th May 2017

Run Time: 2hours 6 minutes

Avasarala Srinivas who is well known for his subtle comedy and good timing is back with an adult comedy movie. We say that he has taken a big risk by making this film with adult content. The film is the remake of Bollywood movie Hunterrr. Naveen Medaram marked his directional debut with this film. The posters, teasers and trailers have increased the expectations on the movie. Did the movie reach the audience expectation? Well, Let’s see.


Madhu(Srinivas Avasarala) is a sex-addict and player. He works as a software engineer and is looking for a bride to get married. The movie goes back and forth from his teen days to present days. When he was in teenage, he used to have countless flings and so many stories. But the present Madhu decides to get married and starts, but every girl keeps rejecting him after knowing his flashbacks. So his friends suggest him to keep his past as a secret and marry. He then meets Radha(Mishti) and falls in love. Everything keeps falling into places, and their marriage gets fixed. But then comes a problem in their lives. What is it? What happened next is the rest of the movie.


As the story suggests, Srinivas Avasarala did a credible job as both young guy and grown up man. However, the young guy look doesn’t suit him that well. Mishti played the female lead and did averagely. Supriya is seen as a housewife in the movie whereas Tejaswi is shown as a college girl. Priya Darsha of Pellichoopulu fame is somewhat good in her comic role and anchor/actoress Sree Mukhi did a cameo in the movie.

Technical team:

Mirchi Kiran dialogues provide some laughs in the first half, but almost so many conversations got copied from the original Hindi version. The cinematography is just average. Songs and background score composed by Sunil Kashyap are very dull. Long run time is annoying. Naveen’s direction is not that bad. Production values are fine. The screenplay could have been nice. The comedy in the first 20 minutes keeps decreasing as the story flows.

Plus Points:

Cast performance

Minus Points:


Dull writing



Some scenes feel like repetitive, and the story just flows without any interesting things or fun. Though the director succeeded to make the story focus on other things other than sex, the message he wants to deliver won’t make its way properly. Some scenes are very much out of sync and unnecessary. The movie could have been much better with better music and by deleting some scenes. Though Avasarala Srinivas has some talent in subtle comedy, he did not suit well in this type of comedy.


Babu Baga Busy is a boring fun-less movie which is more than enough even if we watch it once.(2.4/5)

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Babu Baga Busy Movie Review
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