Ramdev baba

Indian consumer products company Patanjali will be soon launching its unit in Jammu and Kashmir (J & K) and provides jobs to the youth in the state. On Sunday, yoga guru and one of the founders of Patanjali, Baba Ramdev said the company is in the process of acquiring land in Jammu & Kashmir to set up a new factory in the state. He also added that the new unit would provide job offers to Kashmiri youth.

Baba Ramdev said he is in plans to acquire 150 acres of land in J & K to set up the new factory there. Regarding the violence in Kashmir, Ramdev said, children should be taught well about all the religions as it creates harmony among religions.

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Speaking about the terrorism, Ramdev Baba said, “Anyone who masters the art of Yoga can never become a terrorist. Not a single person who learned Yoga ever became a terrorist in history”. He also believes that yoga can take back the thought process of those creating danger in Kashmir valley. Ramdev Baba also stated that India should take back Kashmir and support Balochistan’s movement for independence.

Ramdev Baba is a yoga guru who is famous for his work in Ayurveda, agriculture, business, and politics. He is completely against the usage of Chinese products, so he launched his own brand Patanjali which claims to produce natural food related products without any chemicals.

He also appealed Indians to stop using Chinese goods which will reduce their market in our country and make them financially weak, and they will be forced to step back.”Even the idols of our gods are imported from China. As Indians, we should boycott Chinese products for the reason that it (China) supports Pakistan,” he added. He also said that India is ready to counter the dragon country on every front.

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