Baahubali 2 movie leaked online

Baahubali 2 movie leaked online: Baahubali: The conclusion aka Baahubali 2 movie has finally hit the theaters worldwide and answered the question why kattappa killed Baahubali. The film was released on 9000 screens across the world and is gearing to note record collections. This India’s biggest motion picture has no exception from the evil piracy. Recent reports claim that 50 minutes of the Baahubali 2 movie leaked online and is viral across social media and the internet.

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The two-year wait for the film resulted in either way, Baahubali 2 Piracy Print is out in no time. Baahubali: The conclusion baahubali movie theater prints with audience whistles and shouting. Many audience and movie lovers who didn’t get the tickets are downloading the Baahubali movie online and circulating the Baahubali 2 online links on WhatsApp groups. The movie was released on April 28 around the world while the premier and benefit shows were out on 27.

                 Baahubali 2 movie leaked online viral on WhatsApp 

Movie piracy has become a tough task, and big budget movies like Bahubali 2 will be affected more. The continuation for the epic Baahubali has huge anticipation due to its star cast and VFX work. The film series by S.S. Rajamouli notes the most expensive in Indian cinema till date.

In a bid to check piracy, the film unit has asked the public to send the pirated links of the movie to them. If found any links, Fans across the world can send them to the email id – [email protected]. Kill Piracy and Save the Film Industry

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