In April, the fans of Avengers movie will have a good time ogling at their favorite characters from the set of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s legacy heroes since all of them have come together to enact their roles in Avengers: Infinity War. The credit goes to the creator of the fan art who published it across the social media. This gave wings to the dreams of the fan’s imagination.

‘The Last Shawarma’ fan art was shared on social media by BossLogic recently. The portrait comprises of the legendary “The Last Supper”, a still from the upcoming super hit movie. The audience was smart enough to guess that the characters present in the portrait were essentially the confirmed cast of the movie Infinity War.

The fan art is visually appealing and eye-pleasing and through this the makers of the movie tried to bring together all the iconic superheroes of MCU on a larger scale, giving an opportunity for the fans to celebrate their presence. The picture also consists of Thor who was witnessed to be standing right next to the Guardians of the Galaxy. The center of the image is definitely our Iron Man (enacted by Robert Downey Jr.) who has been obviously the center of attraction throughout the journey of the movie series.

The poster doesn’t reveal much about the movie since the fans are still scared about Iron Man or Tony Stark’s untimely death in the upcoming movie. With just the movie poster out, a lot of fan-made theories are doing the rounds over the internet and messing up the minds of the audience who are eagerly waiting for the movie to come out.

While it is still not known whether the shawarma callback will happen in reality in Infinity War, this poster shared by BossLogic just rightly hints the huge things that the directors and the producers of the movie have planned for the upcoming movie. Everyone’s just waiting to be enthralled by the movie once it is released.


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