Ava Duvernay has to strike a deal with Warner Bros and DC to carry out direction for the high-budget screen adoption of The New Gods. The comic book has been given life by Jack Kirby. The lady recently bagged more than $100 million for the action movie A Wrinkle In Time. The filmmakers are expected to take up Kario Salem to craft the narrative besides closely working with Duvernay.

The lady director seems to have a round of connection with the writer Jack Kirby. She cited ‘Big Barda’ as her favorite superhero movie, replying to a social media question. The Kirby creation Big Barda occupies the character of one of the new Gods slated to play the wife of Mister Miracle.

Earlier, the director and film producer Duvernay was expected to break the shackles one more time based on her former giant leap taken after her first film Selma.

Likewise, it is a brave step for Warner Bros and DC to lend the superhero franchise to a lady director. After Petty Jenkins marked the first success for her collaboration ‘Wonder Woman’ with Warner Bros and DC, it gave quite a push to the filmmaking company.

DC and Warner Bros are now said to be working on the sequel of Wonder woman with Gal Gadot.

Meanwhile, The New Gods draws its origin from the uber-villain Darkseid. This project is touted as the “Fourth World” after trilogy comics were published way back in the 1970s. Kirby has written New Gods, Forever People, and Mister Miracle, which created quite a base for the future action films to roll down.

The New Gods arose after the classic mythology of the gods was put down during Ragnarok. The two deities have been known to inculcate two different planets with one being full of lush paradise called New Genesis, while the other one called Apokolips is Dante’s version of hell.

It will be fun to witness the extraordinary characters in Duvernay’s direction.


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