Smart ATMs

ATMs in India would be safer and secure in the upcoming days.According to the details given by the officials of NCR Corporation, the Current existing Automated teller machines (ATMs) which were 9-10 years old will be replaced by Smart ATMs soon.

The revamped machines will be multi-functional with more innovative and smart features. According to the sources, the new ATMs would contain options like have bio-metrics recognition and Face recognition.The replaced old ATMs will be moved to Tier II, III cities from Metro Cities.

However, after the historic decision of demonetization due to huge crowd many of the ATMs were down causing troubles to the people. So the idea of renovating the old Automated teller machines with smart machines would favor the people.

Upcoming Features of Smart ATMs

NCR Corporation, a global leader in omnichannel solutions, has a 50% ATM market share in India. NCR is known for its innovations like Interactive Teller ATM and EMV contact less ATM from its R&D center in Hyderabad. The main features of the New Smart Money Lending Machines includes face recognition and biometrics.

Not only dispensing cash, these smart ATMs would facilitate customers transferring money, depositing cash as well as cheques. More importantly, these new multi-function machines will not run out of money as the cash deposited by customers will be dispensed.

Eli Rosner, Chief Technology Officer, NCR Corporation said the centre will be developing and supporting innovative software and services that global institutions use to empower consumers through self-service applications.

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