Rich Rodriguez, a football coach has been fired by Arizona, when a notice of claim had been filed alleging that he ran a hostile workplace. The case was filed in state attorney general’s office. After completing a public-records request, Arizona Daily Star disclosed the claim notice. According to a paper statement, the claim was filed by a former employee last Thursday.

After getting fired, Rodriguez issued a statement. He told that a former administrative assistant threatened a $7.5 million lawsuit alleging harassment. And this thing came out during the investigation. Rodriguez told that he cooperated with the investigation and he also passed a voluntary polygraph test, but still it has been said that he did not cooperate during the investigation.

It is also being said that Rodriguez had an extramarital affair with a woman. No doubt that he has apologized to his wife and family, but still, he is working on regaining their trust. He admitted that he is not a perfect man, but the claims by his former assistant are false and her demands for a financial settlement are outrageous. He sadly spoke that such investigations and accusations are causing additional stress to his family.

Heeke said that after conducting a thorough evaluation of the football program and its leadership, both on the field and off the field, President Robin and he felt that it is in the best interest of the University of Arizona that their athletic department will go in a new direction. They are planning to search a head coach so that a solid foundation can be built for creating an identity of Arizona football, so that Tucson and southern Arizona communities can be proud of Arizona.

Earlier, Rodriguez coached for three seasons in Tucson. He visited the place even after an ugly split with Michigan. He had some special effect on Wildcats and he made them almost perfect for four straight bowl games. But in the last season, Arizona took a step back and lost eight straight games. The Wildcats were amongst the best surprising teams even in current season after opening 6-2, but they fell flat after that.


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