Apsrtc Link Ticket Facility

With an aim to provide hassle free services to people, Andhra Pradesh State Transport Corporation has introduced a new method which called as Link Ticketing. So far, the process has used in Indian Railways, and now it being adopted by APSRTC. Last week, this new service was made available to the public.

When coming to the news, Link ticket means, the people who are staying in villages can directly book a ticket to the destination city without going to the main bus stand. For example, if any APSRTC customer needs to travel to Bangalore from Kuderu. Instead of buying a ticket from Kuderu to Ananthapuram, he can directly book a ticket through online or at Kuderu bus stand to Bangalore.

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With that ticket, he can travel from Kuderu to Anathapuram and from Ananthapuram to Bangalore. This is called link ticketing process. There is no need to book several tickets to reach the destination; anyone can use the same ticket with this link ticketing initiative.

Usually, from Battanapalli to Ananthapuram, the distance is 28 km, which means the ticket cost is Rs. 30. With this link ticketing initiative, if there is 35 km distance from passenger village to city, he is supposed to only Rs. 15 for that.

In the same way, children are charged with Rs. 8. With that ticket, the passenger can travel in any express service to reach the main bus stand, where he need to catch up his destination city bus. He can use any bus before one hour to the journey.

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Without any deposit, the agencies will work from now. So far, to be as RTC agent, one need to pay Rs. 3 to Rs. 25, now the passenger don’t need to pay this money. So, there is no place for deposits from now.

Those who want to be RTC agent, the officials will provide a special code to him with his name and will open an account. In that, the reason for his business, amount top up and everything will be there. When he sells the ticket, excluding his commission, the remaining amount will automatically credit to APSRTC account.

As many as 13 depots under Hyderabad, Tirupathi, Chennai, Vijayawada, Nellore, Ongole and other places will have this link ticketing facility;even they can make a reservation in advance.

Deputy CTM, Gopala Reddy stated that with this link ticketing method, the time of passenger would get saved and also, there is no need to take two tickets. Even they can keep their luggage for free of cost at individual lockers in bus stands.

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