The new iOS update 12.1.3 has brought some really good news for iPhone or iPad users. The update is considered to have introduced no new feature, but it provides you fixes for the most annoying bugs you have been observing for long.

For users using the 12.1.2 update, whenever you click on a contact in your ‘Messages’ section, you are taken to the details page. The bottom half of this page is supposed to display any video or photo that you might have exchanged with that contact. However, after the initial few ones, you just see blank document blocks. This bug has been resolved in the new release 12.1.3.

You also might have experienced difficulty in connecting your new iPhone XR, XS or XS Max to CarPlay. This is also expected to be resolved. Audio distortion issue in iPad Pro devices is also expected to be eliminated.

HomePod issues like random restarts or unresponsive Siri commands are also a thing of the past now. In short, if we say, you actually can enjoy your iPhone now bug-free and with much more interest because there are no chances of any disruption in the performance of the phone.

Apple always makes sure in its every new upgrade to provide its users with seamless features and smoother functioning. Or, if we may say so, it definitely knows the trick to impress its ever-increasing audience.

If you haven’t already received an update, we will tell you how to do it.

You can update it via iTunes:

  • First, create a backup on iCloud or iTunes.
  • Start iTunes on your PC/MAC.
  • Check for any updates on
  • You should plug in your phone or iPad now to the PC/MAC.
  • You should click on the Check for Update on the page that appears, which will recognize a pending update for you.
  • Click on Download and Update and agree to any terms or conditions that pop up.
  • Use your passcode to unlock your phone anytime during the process.

Alternatively, you can do it online by navigating to Settings > Software Update.


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