Apple will finally begin selling its reinvented Mac Pro from December 2019 onwards, the company has just announced. The early announcement of this pro-focused computer was made back in June this year and since then it remains a much-awaited machine by tech experts. While it may seem like a long wait, the product is slated to be worth it and much more. 

Apple is known to have been completely occupied in the last couple months with redesigning MacBook Air and MacBook Pros, the launch of some of the new iPhones and also MacBook Pro as far as its hardware redesign is concerned. 

The Mac Pro is slated to come with a price tag of about Rs. 4 Lakhs and will have an 8-core 3.5GHz Intel Xeon processor. It will also boast of a Radeon Pro 580X GPU. With a memory of 32GB of RAM and storage space of about 256GB, it is also expected to offer a lot of customization options. It is, however, unclear how much the customizations would cost in money terms. Apple points out that users can ensemble the Mac Pro with about 8TB of SSD space and this surely won’t come any cheaper. 

This computer will be able to handle a maximum of six 8K streams in the Final Cut Pro. The exact breakdown of specifications is not yet available for users to explore. Apple will also be releasing the Pro Display XDR with the Mac Pro in December. The premium 32-inch monitor would come at a cost similar to the Mac Pro depending on the specific version. 

Since the time of its original debut, the Mac Pro has had a few tweaks. It is ready to be equipped with 8TB of SSD storage as against the 4TB during the initial launch phase. While the month of Mac Pro’s launch is known there is still no clarity on the exact date from the company. In addition, Apple’s website has not been updated with any further details on Mac Pro as for a release date. Market experts, however, are estimating the date to be somewhere near December 22nd.


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