Apple today introduced a brand-new app for the nearly 23 million listed members who are part of the developer community. This dedicated developer app has been launched as a mobile-version and is an extension of the current WWDC app. The WWDC app meant for the Worldwide Developer Conference is being replaced by the dedicated developer app. 

While WWDC only included information related to the developer event, the new app is slated to additionally offer relevant resources such as technical articles, design details, relevant developer news and other such updates. It is designed to encourage enrollment of developers in the developer program designed by Apply and provide relevant benefits for maintaining a continued membership. 

In the present-day scenario, it is true that most of the developer information can be found scattered across Apple’s website and some of it even comes in the form of email updates. In order to streamline such information, the mobile app is expected to house it all in a single destination and allow for enhanced developer experience. 

At the time of its launch, the developer app might not offer exhaustive features, but it is slated to improvise over time.  For instance, a lot of technical information and video content may be available today, but it is difficult to find developer forums or even apps that allow easy connectivity with developer platforms. 

The app has been divided among four key sections, including Discover that helps in finding relevant developer information, News and Updates; WWDC and Account, which help developers in managing their account as well as membership. 

Apple’s main objective is to make use of the app in getting relevant content for developers. With the availability of this app, such content can be made available in a timely manner and direct the developers to aspects that they may not have been exposed to earlier on Apple’s Developer website. The app will offer some mobile-friendly content, including educative articles that are easy to read and mostly in short-form content.

While this could be somewhat similar to the content that is available online, especially in technical papers, it’ll come packaged in an entirely new form. The app is also aimed to address concerns of the developer community, which are high on the radar. 

The app’s launch couldn’t have been timed better considering Apple’s increasing focus on expanding its developer community internally via investments in local academies and institutions that are meant for developers. 

Apple’s Developer app will see a soft-launch today in most international markets; however, the management tools concerning the developer program membership are restricted to the U.S. region only. The developer app will be available on iOS and can even be accessed on Apple Watch as well as iMessage.


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