Apple at Indian Engineering College

The renowned US-based mobile company Apple is looking to set up a manufacturing unit in India and try to find inducements for that. The famous iPhone maker Apple is trying to find out reasons from the Government of India to inaugurate a manufacturing firm in the country.

In talks with Government, the Cupertino-based technology chief has asked for Spurs related to the Department of Revenue and Department of Electronics and Information Technology (Deity), an official said. Currently, our Government provides benefits under modified special incentive package scheme (MSIPS) to lift electronic manufacturing units in the country.

The particular package scheme MSIPS is very helpful for companies those who are trying to establish production units. It provides financial encouragements and attracts investments in the electronics hardware segment. It also gives subsidy for investments in special economic zones.

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As we know, Apple products are currently making in six countries including Japan, Korea and United States. Apple’s statement regarding the launching of a manufacturing base accepts implication as the Finance Ministry in May had rejected calming the 30 percent national sourcing norms as wanted by the Iphone and Ipad maker as a pre-condition for bringing in FDI to set up single-brand retail stores in India.

Apple had asked freedom on the base for making state-of-the-art- and cutting-edge technology products for which local tracking is not possible. Meanwhile, the Government had also closed down the company’s proposal to import renewed phones and sell them in India.

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Apple-owned retail stores are available in countries like China, Germany, UK, US, and France. It sells its products through this owned retails stores, and in India, it has no owned retails store. In India, the company is selling its products through distributors such as Redington and Ingram Micro.


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