Apple has rolled out some new accessories for its latest iPad Pro tablet, which consists of a Magic Keyboard. This includes a backlit keyboard and a touchpad, which is the perfect feature one can’t deny. This is surely increasing the number of users for the device in the near future.

The latest feature floats the iPad a little closer to your eyes and turns it into a touchscreen iPad. Apple users can now completely rely on the device with its versatile and compatible design that will make working fun and easy. The 90 to 130-degree viewing rotation is well built with a responsive adjustment. With the number of companies rolling down new features in this lockdown, Apple is surely not lagging behind with its updates.

Customers can expect the iPad to be available with 11-inch and 12.9-inch screen versions that will be worth paying for some advanced tech experience. The Magic Keyboard is very well executed and it does everything that the makers designed it to do. Talking about its keyboard,it has these scissor switches with a really comfortable feel compared to the old smart keyboard for the iPad pro. The plus point is users will get to experience the new keyboard with its backlit feature in the dark, which can be easily adjusted by heading to the settings menu.

Talking about the keyboard design,it is quite stable, hard, and securely holds the iPad. The screen can be adjusted according to your viewing angle just like how you do it on other laptops, making it look like it is floating. The new iPadOS helps the users switch conveniently between the apps from notes, spreadsheets, and organizing the desktop screen effortlessly. So, basically Apple has nailed the new feature to its iPad Pro.

The latest Magic Keyboard is compatible with the older versions of iPad Pro as well. It does pass-through charging with a USB-C port on the left side. Well, the keyboard is a great addition to the Apple accessories, including Apple Pencil for the advanced iPad Pro, which increases its performance. There is nothing that the iPad Pro can’t do from a good quality scanner, camera, and audio the workflow gets easier and comfortable.

Well, the new Magic Keyboard is still not available to the users, but the release date is likely to be May 30. Hopefully, the users will get their hands on the latest technology by the end of this month.


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