For all the questions, rumors and chaos about iPhone users’ privacy policy, Apple has enchanted its answer to make itself very clear and transparent to the users and the media news. While answering the lawmakers of the United States, Apple said that the iPhone users were never spied& their data has been intact throughout the years. The brand also added by saying that the conversation of the users would never be heard and extracted without the users’ permission. Also, it told that intruders and third parties are completely kept away from the users and their sensitive data. These very straightforward and prompt statements were made by Apple Inc. when the US lawmakers asked if the brand violated the users’ privacy in terms of sharing data to the third party vendors.

The issue was all about the reports which portrayed that users’ data would be extracted without the user’s consent. The sources of the issue cite that smartphones would trap the non-triggered users’ call and conversation to trigger the phrases such as Okay Google or Hey Siri. To deal the issue in a better manner, the lawmaker representatives Greg Walden, Marsha Blackburn, Gregg Harper and Robert Latta officially asked the chief executive officer of Apple, Tim Cook and the chief executive of Alphabet, Larry Page, one month back to clarify their doubts in this regard.

Apple proclaimed that the words spoken by the users while using Siri and none of audio information shall be recorded. Also, it continued saying that Siri will not transport any such data without taking the users’ permission. The users have to express their consent by approving the microphone access and only then the apps show a distinct sign that the data is getting exported.

Extending talks towards apps and App Store, Apple shared with the world that the company removed a few of the apps from Apple App Store due to privacy reasons. However, the answer to whether the app developer was restricted or banned, remained unanswered. Apple, the renowned brand has continually managed to keep up its reputation amidst the offenses and defenses.


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