After killing the production project for screens a year ago, Apple Inc. has now pitched for the development of its own MicroLED screens. The tech giant is in the process of investing huge for the development of MicroLED screens.  

MicroLED screens use distinct light-emitting compounds, which seem quite different from the present OLED displays. Apple promises to come up with slimmer future gadgets, which will be power efficient and brighter in terms of the technology used.

However, people agree that it is quite difficult to produce these screens compared to the OLED displays. Engineers have now raised the technology to an advanced stage after Apple killed the project a year ago. The customers can probably see the new technology in the coming years.

Meanwhile, Apple’s initiative to design key components in-house will affect a range of suppliers in the long run starting from Samsung Electronics Co. and Japan Display Inc. to Sharp Corp. and LG Display Co. as these are the leading developers for OLED technology in the market.

Samsung fell down 1.4 percent, while Japan Display and Sharp dropped 4.4 percent and 3.3 percent.

It is significant to note that Apple will require a new production facility to mass produce its new screen technology. The project is slated to draw obstacles and costly hard work to reach a point of success worldwide.

However, it will help Apple to grow its smartphone market by thwarting existing rivals. Samsung is reported to have taken a leap ahead in providing superior screens. Apple, in return, is secretly developing its new tech.

Till now, smartphones have been the cash cow for Apple turning ways starting from its Apple watch. Building MicroLED screens is a complex task of creating individual LEDs among millions of each pixel needed to generate the new tech.

The company is also trying to design its own thin-film transistors and screen drivers making Apple self-reliant in display assemblies.

With the new tech MicroLED yet to come, Apple plans to launch a giant 6.5-inch model with second OLED iPhone that will probably increase its production by including LG along with Samsung in the arena.


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