App store prices

Apple has declared the increase in the App Store prices in India, earlier this week. The prices have been changed based on the changing exchange rates and taxation policies. The updated prices are now live on the Mac App store and App store. The rise in the revised prices is observed about 33 percent of the standard base price.

Starting from now, Apple will charge Rs. 80 for every $0.99 purchase instead of Rs. 60 earlier. Moving forward, Purchase of $1.99 will now cost you around cost Rs. 160 which was Rs. 120 earlier.

Here we provide you the new App Store prices in India:

Price TiersUSD Price ($)India New Price (Rs.)India Old Price (Rs.)
Tier 10.998060
Alternate Tier A0.991010
Alternate Tier B0.993030
Tier 21.99160120
Tier 32.99250190
Tier 43.99300250
Tier 54.99400300
Tier 65.99500370
Tier 76.99550420
Tier 87.99600490
Tier 98.99700550
Tier 109.99800620
Tier 1110.99850670
Tier 1211.99900750
Tier 1312.991000790
Tier 1413.991100850
Tier 1514.991200920
Tier 1615.991250990
Tier 1716.9913001050
Tier 1817.9914001100
Tier 1918.9915001150
Tier 2019.9916001200

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As is obvious, the pricing for alternate tier A and tier B prices in India – special low prices for select markets – remains unchanged.

“Price tiers on the App Store are set internationally on the basis of several factors, including currency exchange rates, business practices, taxes, and the cost of doing business,” Apple said in a statement.

Apple sets its App Store prices in any region against the US dollar. This also leads to rather unreasonable prices for paid apps in App Store. Apple introduced alternate low-priced tiers to combat this problem in many emerging markets.

This Alternate tier pricing allows developers to reduce the prices of their apps, especially in emerging markets. Apple has also hiked prices of apps in UK, Turkey, Romania, and Russia as per the changes in local taxation policies and currency rates.