Android P update

It looks like Android P is going to set the Android Privacy Benchmark really high as the new developments and updates in the Android Open Source Project is keeping your applications safe from malware and unnecessary malicious apps, which try to spy or access your camera and microphone by opening the apps in parallel on your android device.

The developers of Android Open Source Project (AOSP) are committing that from 19th January, your phone will be completely free from all the malware spy apps and malicious tabs that try to access your phone’s screen and other features like camera and microphone, which can totally spy everything about you and the storage of the device.

But now, users don’t have to be so conscious about these malware spy apps as the new update will fix all of your problems after noticing malware such as GhostControl that steals and records your conversation and takes pictures from your camera and save it on their server. Malicious apps like this will no longer be supported in Android P as they are setting up the privacy really high and whenever someone tries to use any spyware malicious app or target your phone using the tabs in the browsers, it will receive an error stating that this operation cannot be performed and the error can’t be fixed.

All the background app limitations with Android O are now removed in the new Android P by the developers and the new updates in the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) are setting a privacy benchmark for the next level. It is now becoming next to impossible to spy Android phone with malicious apps. Android P is designed and developed to handle all these attacks safely.


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