Android O

Finally, Google has officially confirmed that Android O beta is going to be out soon. Ahead of the 2017 developer conference, it has announced this Android Nougat beta program. It also mentioned that the updated beta version of Android Nougat is going to be available to the public soon. “If you are still one among them who are using the old beta version, then you need to download the latest OTA image for your device.”

Google also unveiled early this year, the alpha version of Android O Developer Preview. It is planning to release the second preview which is the ‘incremental update’ and beta by the end of this month. This technology has four previews in this latest released OS. The final one will get released most possibly by the end of third quarter 2017.

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However, not even a single word has mentioned about what O stands, but Google has just unveiled the new features of it. It suddenly released the Android O and now it is available only for the developers. It has been repeating the same when it made an announcement about Android Nougat in 2017.

Initially, the Android O used only for the recent Google devices, but this developer’s preview can be used by all the smartphones like Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Pixel, the Pixel C tablet, Pixel XL phones, and Nexus Player Android TV set-top box.

The users can be able to download the official ROM from Google Server. Let’s discuss the top features of this Android O, which makes it looks different from Android N:

It has better battery life

This feature will help the smartphone to have a better battery life. It also can control the charge that is using the apps in the background. So, that it will help the developers in designing most suitable apps.

Picture on Picture

This will help the people can watch the video even they are using certain apps. For example, if you are booking a cab then you can also look at a video simultaneously.

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Neat notifications

Android O introduced with Notification channels. With this new feature, the users can block or change the channels functionality individually. It also added with new visuals and groups for the notifications.

Wireless audio sound

Yes, it has wireless audio feature. This supports the bluetooth, and you can listen the high-quality sound with this.

Keyboard navigation

This new feature will help you for better navigation. It introduced better keyboard and the company itself in the blog The company in its blog said that it is “focused on building a more reliable, predictable model for ‘arrow’ and ‘tab’ navigation” for users.”

More colours

One more interesting feature is the display. With this one, a wide of range of colours can be used in the smartphone and also the videos and pictures also get crisper and sharper.

The list above contains the most interesting new features on the Google Android O. However, Google has also introduced other smaller new features, and details about them can be found on the Android Developer’s blog.


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