Anand Mahindra gifts a Scorpio to an Auto Rickshaw Owner

Have you ever seen, an autorickshaw in the shape of a Scorpio? Yes, it is true. If you remember, a picture of an autorickshaw, which looks like Mahindra Scorpio spotted in Karnataka. Twitterati went crazy after witnessing the wonder on social media. The autorickshaw has a flat back with a glass panel and simply have features of a Mahindra Scorpio. The owner replaced the Scorpio tyre with the auto tyre on the back. If you remember that image, you will say it is one of the best reproductions so far in the automobile industry.

Along with common people, it attracted Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra. He tweeted on his official twitter as, “Iconic. A way to ‘Rise.’ Thanks for sharing this.” He also shared as, “Can you help locate him? I’d like to buy it for our museum & give him 4 wheels in return…” The chairman is completely impressed with his new swanky auto rickshaw and the owner effort and also proved that he is an ardent fan of Scorpio.

With 4.67 million, Anand Mahindra is one among such CEO’s on Twitter, who is active on social media. Finally, the tweet reached the owner of the auto rickshaw. His name is Sunil and Anand truely took his words and gifted Sunil a four wheeler Scorpio. Also, Sunil’s creature find place in Mahindra’s museum. This incident proved that if you truely create something and your hard work pay offs.


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