Facebook regulate

Facebook is the biggest social media and social networking website with crores of people. Irrespective of country, gender, age everyone has a Facebook account these days. People use this as a medium to keep in contact with their friends and family, make new friends, explore new things, and entertainment. We can say that the youth are very much addicted to Fb more than anything.

People share their information including their photos and videos on it which are becoming a big problem now. Technical analysts are claiming that publicly sharing their images might bring them some serious challenges. New York Times has already published an article about this. They are stating that answering the questions as a part of the security check in Facebook is also a bad thing which throws them into problems.

Facebook to Hire 3,000 Reviewers to Curb Violent Videos in its Platform

For example, What is the first concert you have ever attended?, When and where is your first international visit? Answering these simple questions might also help the professional hackers to track your bank details. Not only this, SAP International Security Services Chief, Mark Testoni says that keeping the information like religion, age, interests, etc. also bring some hurdles for the users. However, the intensity of the problems and threats can be lessened by the vigilance bordering.


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