The US President, Donald Trump has threatened to shut down the Federal government, if the Democrats refuse to approve the changes he has proposed to make in the immigration laws. In the law proposition made by Donald Trumps, he has also included a point to build a wall along the Mexico-US border.

Since the time when Trump was appointed as the president of the United States in 2017, Donald Trump has used such threats of shutting down the government to get his work done, including the fund for building a wall along the southern border of the US. Previously, the operations of the government were disrupted in the month of November. This can backfire Trump if the Voters blame Trump’s party for the disruption. Voter’s blame game can be effective in the current scenario as they also control Congress.

On Sunday, Trump announced this declaration through his tweet in which he said that he is willing to shut down the government too to get his new laws approved. He also stated that the government needs to get rid of the Lottery, catch, and Release etc. and go for a new system based on merit which will allow only great people coming into the US.

This time, Trump wants Congress to pass the laws he has proposed addressing the immigration laws that includes border wall, changing rules to issue Visas that are allotted to immigrants and other immigration-related laws. Though Congress is controlled by Republicans, the dispute between conservatives and moderates have delayed the process.

About 81 percent of the Republicans have approved Trump’s handling of the issue. But Donald Trump’s request for US$25 billion to build the wall is being opposed by many congressmen. Commenting on Trump’s decision of building a wall, the Republican Senator Ron Johnson, chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee said, “I don’t think it would be helpful, so let’s try to avoid it.”

Previously, objections over spending levels and immigration had led to the shut down of the US government over a weekend in January. This incident was followed by another shut down in the month of February for a few hours. Lets  hope for the best!! Stay tuned for the latest updates!


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