Things Look Sharp for AMD!

AMD dropped a bombshell by announcing its new upcoming Ryzen 3 3100 along with 3300 CPU lineup. It introduced five new B550 Motherboards under development. All these new announcements have stolen the spotlight from Intel, which had been working towards Comet-S desktop CPU. While Intel is continuing to focus on high-end PCs, Team Red’s efforts would surely tempt the mid-range customers.

The lightning-fast PCIe 4.0 interface, which was earlier exclusive to the premium X750  motherboard, will now be available for the masses in mid-range motherboards. B550 motherboards are expected to launch post-June 14. B550 motherboards won’t be compatible with first and second-generation Ryzen processors. They will support 3rd generation Ryzen processors and the much-awaited “Zen 3.0” architecture while B550 would support PCIe4.0  SSD and graphics. B550 is similar to B450 in architectural design. Built around AM4 socket, it promises incredible speed and will notch up the potential of any device. B550 is expected to optimize storage.

Although the price of the new motherboards is not known, one can expect the basic ones to start from $100 and increment in prices as features increase. PCIe 4.0 offers increased speed by increasing the clock speed, which means more heat is generated. So B550 motherboards might just need a dedicated fan to cool down the temperatures. This would surely make the B550 motherboards costlier than the previous generation x-50-class boards, although there are reports which say otherwise. B550 motherboard would also support multiple GPUs, bring in better audio solutions, faster speeds, and crisper display. AMD also stated that there are more than 60 motherboards of B550 class under development.

Coming to the Ryzen 3 3100 chipsets, it features multithreading for twice as many threads when compared to i3-9910. AMD claims 1.4 times better performance in terms of content creation and gaming. It boasts of higher benchmark scores for single-core on platforms such as Cinebench. While Intel after these comparisons introduced hyperthreading for i3 CPUs. But still, the $ 100 Ryzen seems a better proposition when compared to $350 Intel chipset when the performance is identical. It is also to be noted that we still cannot give an opinion about the “real performance” until the chipsets release and are tested against each other.

So, all eyes on June 16, till then, keep the quest for higher performance going. Do tell us your opinions about whether you are Team AMD or Team Intel in the comment section below.


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