alexa voice commands

Amazon’s Alexa has updated the Alexa mobile app that supports voice commands for The Oscar Awards 2018. It will be rolled out in the market by March 4, 2019. In this article, we will go through some Alexa voice commands, which can be used to get the latest update from the 90th Academy Awards directly using your Alexa Mobile Application.

This update is for all the entertainment junkies as it is mainly for Oscar Awards 2018. You can ask Alexa when and where the Oscars are airing, on which channels the Oscars are on and real-time features and updates like the winner name through the event and much more.

Below are some of the questions you can ask Alexa and it will respond. Just shout Alexa, “Who is going to win the Best Director Award?”, “Alexa, Who is going to win the Best Picture?” or “Alexa, Tell me who is going to win the Best Actor Award?” or “Alexa, Who you think France McDormand will win the Best actress award?”

For the Best Actress, all the signs are pointing out to Frances McDormand, but little ladybird Saoirse Ronan is also on the list who can win the Best Actress Award. Let’s see what happens.

These are some of the questions you can ask Alexa to get the latest update about the 2018 Oscar Awards results anytime sitting anywhere.

2018 Oscar Awards will be hosted by Jimmy Kimmel live on ABC Network and this live streaming will be available for those who have already subscribed to Fire TV via ABC channels, Hulu, PlayStation Vue, and Sling TV. However, you can still follow another guide to get the live streaming on your system or watch live stream via Oscars’ official Youtube Channel and


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