Amazon Go Store

Amazon Go app, which is a convenience store with no checkout lines and cashiers, is all set to hit Google Play Store.

Amazon Go store is situated on the ground floor of Amazon headquarters in Seattle. The store will be available to the public from today. It allows customers to grab the things needed and it will automatically charge for it avoiding the checkout lines.

Amazon’s unique idea of stores has created excitement amongst the public. Amazon Go uses sensors and cameras to keep track of things that users select. It is the best place to reduce time consumption in the tedious process of manual checkouts.

Amazon Go charges the cost of the items purchased once customers exit the store from their account. Since the ecommerce giant has no plans of expanding its new technology to other retail locations, users at places other than Seattle don’t get the opportunity to use Amazon Go.

The unique machine learning technology used in Amazon Go stores keeps the details of items you took through cameras and sensors. The technology will then enter the details of the product selected and dropped to the user’s Amazon account through your phone, which will be scanned at the entrance.

Amazon Go allows users to shop with their families and friends. All the members of the family should scan the same phone or barcode before entering the store. The system at store will keep track of the item selected by all the members of the family. It will charge to the same Amazon account after exiting from stores.

Amazon uses technologies like computer vision, deep learning, and sensor fusion. The app gives you a quick introduction of Amazon Go store. By logging into the app, you can use it to enter the stores.

Workers have been appointed for few days to ensure correct working of the technology. Be aware of the things you grab. Things that you grab unknowingly will also be billed to your Amazon account.


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