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Amazon has introduced another new feature for it prime members. This new Amazon Outfit compares feature will pass its advice on clothing to the users. The latest version of the Amazon shopping app provides the “Outfit Compare” in the sidebar navigation for its Prime members. Amazon has launched many such user-friendly services like Launchpad, Restaurants, Watch & Shop, etc. earlier.

The outfit compare feature prompts to share two of their photos wearing two different outfits they’re choosing between. Then, you’ll get a response from an Amazon stylist suggesting which outfit looks better on you. The suggestion will be sent determining various factors including the clothes fit, color and style, and trend.

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It’s suggested you to click photos where your pose and background are similar. But Amazon says “it’s fine if you take a selfie in front of a full-length mirror. The photos are only viewed by Amazon staff.”

The photos can be deleted within the app and also the copies associated with your Amazon account. The advice you get is from the Amazon Stylists who are from various varied backgrounds. Amazon claims the experts are from the fashion industry, retail, editorial, creative and styling fields.

The Amazon Outfit compares feature quite simple to use. Click a photo and upload it in the app and submit to Amazon team. You’ll get an answer back in less than a minute which is not an automated one. As said earlier, Amazon has hired fashion specialists to work on this project.

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The outfit can be rated on the style scale, and the best response will show the enthusiasm about the selection. The options include “We like this better,” “Definitely pick this one,” and “It was a close call.”