The e-commerce giant Amazon has introduced new platform named Sell as Individual for its customers to sell their used products locally. It is a platform for all users to sell their devices and Amazon is the first online shopping portal to launch this initiative.

Amazon India has already emerged as one of the best e-commerce portals in India and recently it has come up with many initiatives to attract their users and registered customers. Through this scheme, anyone can sell their used products in your local city. Currently, the facility is available in Bangalore only and very soon it will be expanded to other cities in India.

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Through Amazon website, you can sell your used products like mobiles and other electronic gadgets. The Amazon will offer you doorstep pick-up, packing, and delivery of goods.

If you want to sell a product, just go to the Sell as Individual Page’ and click the button Start Selling. Then you can find choose category, Provide the product picture, Product Name and the price, mention your address and pick up details. Coming to the city in a drop menu, Bangalore is the only city option in the drop menu.

Once you fill the details, the product is listed on Other customers can see your listing and make the purchase. If the product is sold, you can receive an email and schedule pickup time is allocated.

Later Amazon will pick up, pack and ship the product to the buyer. In case, if the buyer returns the product, Amazon will send it back to you at no change. If the sale is completed, Amazon will hand over the money to you with a small fee deduction.

The charges look pretty affordable. The items under Rs. 1000 the fee is Rs. 10, for up to Rs. 5,000 fee comes to Rs. 50, and for items of greater value, the fee is Rs. 100.

Amazon India Introduces online Wallet “Amazon Pay Balance” to Support Cashless Transactions

To boost the latest Amazon Sell as Individual service, the leading e-commerce portal is offering Rs. 1000 as Amazon Pay Balance; it is their wallet from which you can buy products listed on Amazon.

On ‘Sell as Individual’ page, the FAQ terms and conditions lead you to Junglee website. Junglee has been proposing buying and selling of refurbished, used, unboxed mobiles, books and more. On Junglee website also there is now a banner advertisement for ‘Sell as Individual,’ and the sell button in Junglee’s navigation takes you to the same sell page.


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