amazon india 7500 jobs

The Amazon Great India Sale is back. The leading e-commerce company Amazon is going to perform Amazon Great India sale in between January 20-22, 2017. Now, as a part of the upcoming sale and to run smooth deliveries the Amazon India is offering temporary jobs to 7,500 persons.

Amazon India Vice President Akhil Saxena said, “We have opened more than 7,500 seasonal roles for upcoming mega sale. These positions will be available at 27 Fulfilment centers over 100 delivery stations and close to 15 sort centers across the country.”

Amazon City-Specific Platform Allows Home-Based Business to Go Online

“The traditional e-commerce company makes thousands of regular job opportunities as well as offering employment opportunities for long-term career development,” he added.

He said, “The selection of candidates for this temporary jobs is now running, and they will be trained for the upcoming sale. We are excited to introduce this new scheme.”

The primary objective of offering temporary jobs is to strengthen its logistics and also to look to improve deliveries to shoppers across the country. As per latest reports 100 Amazon distribution stations have been started Pan-India to support last mile delivery programs that allow the company to deliver orders efficiently.

Amazon Now launched 2-hour Delivery Service in Delhi and Mumbai

The previous year, Amazon spent in six new fulfillment centers (FCs), taking the total number of operational FCS to 27 in ten states in India, offering a storage capacity of 7.5 million cubic feet, to make it the Major store infrastructure for sellers in the e-commerce industry across India.

In this new initiative, Amazon associates with local store owners to provide pickup and delivery service to consumers who put an order on Amazon site.


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