Amazon added the glitter of VR to its way of offering services. Known for the inclusion and usage of top technologies, the brand stands out among many in the market. Aiming to provide a better and phenomenal shopping experience in association with the stupendous growth of technology, Amazon has launched kiosks bearing virtual reality features; you are now going to experience an all in all diversified and prime shopping experience. The VR stall is a combination of rich technology, grand colour and fun filled excitement. With this, the future of shopping gets its fate rewritten.

How would the VR store be and feel like? It is indeed difficult to answer this question because words cannot describe it. it is something that you should go ahead, explore and experience yourself. Amazon drops you into a full-fledged world full of products which you have been looking to shop. The enriched shopping experience starts when you take the technology-driven flight to swiftly land onto the great shopper’s world. The products are lined up according to top brands that Amazon has to feature. Alongside, Oculus Rift and its head tracking concept lends the viewing part of it, some glare.

Moving further, you can not only glance through the windows of the brand halls and all the products that they have, but you can also walk into them and explore every nook and corner of the VR shopping mall. The store comes with different segments of fashion like boutique, accessories, salon and spa, cosmetics, home decors and also includes food and dining. It doesn’t end there: the store has some really special themed rooms like kitchen, kids’ playroom filled with toys, living room, theatres giving them their right essences by employing technology.

Coming to the overwhelmed shopping experience, Oculus touch controllers create an atmosphere for realistic shopping: shoppers can critically examine all the angles of objects of interest which is facilitated by 3D technology. Dresses can be shopped with satisfaction as they can be tried over the holographic persons placed in the store. Electronic gadgets like those of phones can also be explored using the pop-up window options.   

The VR era is sure to take Amazon shopping experiences to the next level.


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