In an era wherein woman empowerment slogans are doing rounds everywhere, women tennis players are having a tough time with the disputes related to the game’s dress-codes.

Serena Williams wore a catsuit for the US open this year and became a victim as the French open banned the super-hero catsuit worn by Serena from next year. She wore the catsuit to cope up with the post-pregnancy blood-clots. The decision from the French open was criticized by many other sportsmen.

Talking about the catsuit worn by Serena Williams, the President of the French Tennis Federation, Bernard Giudicelli criticized her and said that Serena had to respect the game and should not have worn the catsuit.

Alize Cornet who was recently handed a code violation for changing her shirt on the court commented on the incident that happened with Serena. She said that what Serena had to face because of her catsuit was ten thousand times worse than what happened to her. The sportswoman also said that it is shocking to hear such comments from the President of the French Tennis Federation.  

Alize Cornet, a French tennis player got into a controversy on the 29th of August when she quickly changed her shirt on the court. At the end of the second set, she was given a heart-break for 10 minutes during which the player wore her shirt wrongly. After realizing it on the court, Alize Cornet quickly changed the shirt on the court. Cornet was handed a code violation for unsportsmanlike conduct on the court by the Umpire.

The controversy further resulted in criticism of the Umpire Christian Rask. People criticized the umpire for his double standard of letting men players change their shirts while playing a game and raising code violation in the case of Alize Cornet.

The French tennis player also spoke about the controversy and said that the US organizers have assured her that the incident will not affect the future games and they regret whatever happened in the court during the game.

According to reports, new rules will be implemented to maintain the code. The president of the French Tennis Federation told that all players will have to wear white and the rules will be revealed soon.


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