Though there was a tough competition between Khalid, Lil Uzi Vert, Julia Michaels, SZA, and Alessia, Alessia bagged the Best New Artist Award. The beauty of this award is that the musicians can be nominated only once.

This year has been an amazing one for Alessia. She was honored with four awards at Grammy, which includes Best New Artist, Best Pop-Up Duo, Song of the Year, and Best Short Form Music Video. She grabbed the awards right in her first year of Grammy against strong contestants.

The singer confessed that she was feeling nervous while accepting the award. She requested all the audience to support real music and artists. She said that each and every artist has the same capability to achieve. She also added to support all the young talents in all the fields. She will be an inspiration for budding musicians.

Alessia has composed many mind-blowing songs like Here, Know-It-All, Scars to Your Beautiful, and Stay. Her songs made a place in top 10 songs in the U.S. Cara made her debut album in 2015. However, she was not nominated for 2017’s Grammy. It is really a great achievement for Alessia for having been nominated and winning all the four awards at Grammy.

All the nominees for the Best New Artist were very much talented. They contributed a lot to the pop culture. They proved themselves as talented artists by producing highly entertaining songs. Cara was most popular with the release of her album Scars to Your Beautiful. SZA is also a musician, who was nominated for five categories, including the best R&B performance and songs.

Most of the musicians predicted that SZA will win. Chance (Rapper) won the previous year’s Grammy Best New Artist award and Meghan Trainor won the same award in the year prior to that.


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