Akshaya Tritiya

Gold is one of the major things that women of India love more than anything. But not everyone knows some interesting facts about it. So have a look at the lesser-known truths about Gold on this Akshaya Tritiya.

Olympic Gold Medals are not made of Gold

Olympic Gold Medal is surely a pride of a country, but the irony is the medal is made of gold entirely. It consists of only 1% gold and 92% of silver and the remaining 6% with copper. However, the first gold medal which was entirely made of gold got awarded in 1912 only.

 Mobile phones have gold in them

If one can collect 900 kgs of cell phones, the gold he can extract from them would be the same weight as the gold he gets from the ore. Another exciting fact is if we can collect all the gold that is resting inside the oceans, each and every person in the world would get four kgs of gold each.

Gold is Edible

Gold is biologically inert. One can easily gulp down the gold, but can’t make it digest in his biological system. So the gold can pass through the entire human digestive system without changing its form. Wouldn’t it be funny if people eat gold biscuits instead of Oreos?

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Fear of gold

There is a condition in the medical science called as Aurophobia which states the extreme fear of gold. If any person who is suffering from Aurophobia have a look at the gold or even hear the mention of it get extremely sick by nausea, dizziness, even panic attacks and other severe symptoms.

Gold ATM

Thanks to Demonetization, people are queuing in front of the ATMS’s for cash. But there is a big hotel in Dubai which also includes an ATM in it that produces gold bars weighing 10 grams. It also hands out personalized gold coins.

The Reason Behind Sailor Earrings

There is a weird reason why Sailors in Europe wear gold earrings. If ever they get drowned in the sea, and their dead bodies get washed up, the gold they are wearing will serve the purpose of giving them a proper Christian burial.


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