Airtel is Going to Invest a Huge Amount in India for 4G Expansion

In a recent interview, Airtel stated that to expand the 4G network, they are planning to spend $2.5 billion which regarding INR is Rs. 16090 crores in India in the year 2017-2018. Apart from India, it is also going to invest $500 million which equals to Rs. 3,219 crores in Africa.

Chief Executive Gopal Vittal on this note, claimed that in the world full of data when a user gets used to the usage, the changing price of it at the time of equilibrium in the market, will get the amount in the form of revenue.

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Airtel also stated that the telecom sector is getting taxed heavily. Vittal said the first question is what to do, to bring down the stress of the industry. Airtel already reported a 72% drop in the net profit in the ending of 2016. However, Airtel took over Telenor and owned its 307 million subscribers and made the revenue share to 35.6%.

On the other side, there is a constant threat to the company because of the merging of other two leading telecoms Idea and Vodafone. The merging is about to create a massive Rs. 80000 crores in the form of revenue. Vittal said that they are taking this as an opportunity to increase their market by reducing their tariffs.


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