american Idol

ABC revives one of the biggest shows “American Idol” that premiers on Sunday. American Idol show was aired for less than 2 years and ended up its 15 seasons on FOX. ABC is planning to bring back the show to life. For that, it has already acquired the rights to the show. Earlier, it launched many other singing competition series on its platform.

In terms of concept, the new American Idol series, which is going to make its debut this Sunday, is same as the old one. There are 3 celebrity judges for this singing competition (Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie). Auditions were done to enable the vocalists to showcase their talents.

The first American Idol season received a positive response and now the expectations on Idol 2.0 are set high. The judges never put down people who came down to auditions. Instead of saying them that they suck at singing, they suggest the singers that they aren’t much suited for this American Idol.

The new American Idol season is expected to get bit higher ratings when compared to the first one. One noticeable thing about the show is that the auditions have taken place in Nashville, Orlando, New York, but a majority of the contestants have come from red states like Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

The tradition of American Idol is that the first two hours are gradually longer than it needs to be. One of the reasons why reviving American Idol is best is that it represents diverse voices across the United States and the whole family can tune in and watch it together.

American Idol has sold us fairy tales from the beginning of its series and the audiences are expecting the same from the upcoming ones too. Let’s wait and watch how this series will perform.


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