ABC News in collaboration with Facebook will deliver you 24 hours online live-streaming coverage of Democratic and Republican National Conventions. According to the recent reports, YouTube will be the official live streaming partner of both DNC and RNC, as it has done in the year 2012 Presidential elections of the United States. Now, as a lot of advancement in the technology is witnessed over the four years, ABC News partners with the giant Facebook to offer the round the clock, online coverage.

ABC News, which already has 8.6 million followers on its official Facebook page, will now provide full coverage of both conventions across few FB pages. Whether it is a speech or a protest outside the convention or breaking news everything that is taking place in the conferences will be live-streamed via Facebook Live. And according to the deal, during important speeches Facebook will deliver ABC News with real-time data. Viewers can comment, question and discuss on the Facebook live-coverage.

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The Republican National Convention starts on 18th July and ends on 21st July 2016 in Cleveland, while the Democratic National Convention will commence from 25th July to 28th July 2016 in Philadelphia. Well, it is not just the ABC News which is teaming up with Facebook for political conventions; C-SPAN, PBS, Fusion and Eastern each night have also announced plans to use Facebook Live as a part of their coverage.

“Our live-stream strategy is all about bringing users a wide variety of unique moments they may not otherwise see on television,” said Colby Smith, ABC News Vice President of digital. “For the conventions in particular, Facebook Live is the perfect platform to reach and engage with our audience, delivering a 360-degree perspective of what’s happening on the ground,’ he added in a statement to Variety.

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