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Excise and Prohibition Department of Telangana has introduced a new rule for Entering into pubs in Hyderabad. Aadhaar card is now must and should for getting access into Hyderabad Pubs. This move of making Aadhaar mandatory for Pubs came due to many pubs are becoming the dens for the consumption of drugs and other banned substances. Especially youth who are in the craze of going to pubs and parties have become the target of the Drug dealers.

Already several pubs and hotels in around Hyderabad are under the scanner of the police and excise department for the same reason. According to the excise officials, several transactions relating to Cocaine, Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) and other harmful drugs were exchanged mostly in pubs. Most of the deals are being carried out at Pubs in Hyderabad city where both the Drug suppliers and clients contact and exchange the goods.

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In this regard, the excise department has issued pub owners across the city to make Aadhaar card as an essential document for allowing inside. The Pub Management are also directed to maintain a separate register for the maintenance of the Log Records.

This new rule would inevitably reduce the underaged persons who were below 21 from visiting pubs.However, this will help the Police & Excise department for easy tracking of culprits involved in drug dealings with the help of their ID proofs.

Officials said that the permit standards as of now stipulate that administrations confirm identity certificate of those visiting bars. The SIT had before issued warning letters to managements of 14 bars in the city.

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