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Yoga for 25 minutes can boost your energy levels and brain functions: New Study

25 minutes yoga

Practising yoga for Just 25 minutes a day can boost your brain functioning and increase your energy levels. Maintaining consistency of energy the whole day will help to improve your performance at work.

Research scientist Peter Hall from the University Of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada talked about the benefits of yoga. According to him when a person prefers to practice yoga for a lesser time it would better they choose Hatha yoga and mindfulness. Hatha yoga and mindfulness focuses on improving the brain consciousness and concentration levels.

Hatha yoga comprises of physical exercises along with mental exercises to generate activeness in the body and improve the focusing levels. People who can’t spend time exercising at the gym and go for Jog can practice yoga for 25 minutes. The short period can bring a lot of difference in your daily routine. Mindfulness includes meditation.

“These two functions might have some positive carryover effect in the near- term following the session, such that people can focus more easily on what they choose to attend to in everyday life,” Hall stated.

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While carrying out the experiment 31 participants were involved, and their daily action and performance at work were observed. People practicing Hatha yoga just for 25 minutes showed a lot of difference in their everyday life. They were able to concentrate more on work and remember things more often. They were able to perform well on executive functions more than reading tasks.

Lead author Kimberley Luu said, “This finding suggests that there may be something special about meditation, as opposed to the physical pose that carry a lot of the cognitive benefits of yoga.”

While talking about benefits of yoga, it is less energy seeking exercise with more benefits. Hatha yoga helps in reducing Belly fats, reduce weight, stress and can even help to cure acnes, Asthma and thyroid.  The main thing is it can be best for relaxation. Get peace into your life by practicing Yoga for 25 minutes daily.

Recently International Yoga Day was celebrated all over the nation on 21 June. In India, respectable Prime Minister Narendra Modi took initiation of introducing yoga day and promoting the health benefits all over the country.

Yoga may help to Ward off side effects in Prostate Cancer Treatment

Prostate cancer

The patients who are suffering from cancer are increasing day by day. The terminal illness has no complete cure, but some therapies might reduce the effect. However, the treatment for cancer might increase the side effects on the patient, particularly in prostate cancer cases. To cure those Cancer side effects, Yoga is very much helpful.

The practice of Yoga for just twice a week might lead to the improvement of physical, sexual and emotional conditions of the patients who are undergoing the treatment. Men who are doing yoga said that they have better sexual and urinary functions than the people who are not doing Yoga. Men practicing yoga considerably have less fatigue than the others

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Neha Vapiwala, trial’s principal investigator from the University of Pennsylvania, US claimed that the patients taking the cancer treatment get the side effect of increasing the fatigue but that turned out to be false in the case of patients who are practicing Yoga and Yoga have evidently shown some better impacts in their normal lives.

The researchers started an experiment to enhance this. The patients that undergo prostate cancer treatment for six to nine weeks of radiation therapy are classified into two groups. One group contains the patients who practice Yoga, and the other wing will be with patients who don’t. The 75 minutes yoga session include five minutes of breathing and centering techniques in the beginning and Savasana in the ending five minutes.

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Regular sessions include the sitting positions, standing and bending positions mostly using props. The more the patients practicing the sessions are, the less fatigue they are facing. They are experiencing the fatigue level decrease than the before. On the other side patients who do not participate in yoga sessions experiencing the side effect of increased fatigue.

The researchers when tested the sexual health of the patients they found notable success too. The patients who undergo Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT) face sexual dysfunctions. But the yoga practicing patients are scoring well on Erectile Disfunction. And the nonyoga group suffered a decline.

Not only physically and sexually but also emotionally the yoga group showed emotional well-being that the nonyoga groups.

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Age Has No Limits: 97-Year-Old Woman Teaches Yoga

97 years old yoga teacher

A yoga instructor at the age of 97. Unbelievable. Right? Tao-Porchon Lynch is the woman who claims this amazing feat. Tao, who has undergone 3 hip replacement surgeries, has proved to the world that age is never an obstructing factor for achieving your dreams.

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Nearing almost 100 years of age, Tao is known to be an inspirational yoga instructor. Tao, who started practicing yoga at the age of 8, is still highly passionate about the art even after 90 years. She teaches beginner and advanced yoga classes in Scarsdale, New York. Tao was recently seen on “American’s Got Talent”.

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Tao, who was brought up by her uncle and aunt in Pondicherry, India, attributes her strong will towards her passion for learning more and more of the art. She says that she keeps her “fire of life” burning with the help of her positive attitude.