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Whatsapp Video Call Scam: The Link You Should Never Click

Whatsapp Video Call Scam

Scammers are always in a process to find a way to hack people’s personal information. A few days back Whatsapp has turned out the video-calling feature for Android, iOS and Windows smartphones. The feature was made available to the users via an update on the respective smartphone stores. However, this new rollout has created new opportunities for the scammers.

The link that is circulating consists of other malicious links inviting people to download Whatsapp video-calling feature. These links also ask the users to download Group video calling feature, something that Whatsapp hasn’t made official yet.

The malicious links consist of steps such as you are invited to try Whatsapp video calling feature and only people with an invitation can enable this feature. Once you click on that link, you are asked to invite more friends for video-calling to activate your device.

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By clicking on that provided link, you will be directed to a fake website which consists of malicious code that is designed to download all your personal data. On Whatsapp so many malicious links get often shared with claims of exclusive features and the one among them is latest Video calling download link.

Earlier there was a Whatsapp Gold link that had gone viral which claims that it offers all particular form of the app, but in real there is no such gold version of Whatsapp. Remember the video-calling update is automatically updated on Android, iOS and Windows phone users via respective stores.

Typing similar URLs will take you to Whatsapp look-alike website and makes the people believe it’s not a fake. The site also keeps the screenshots of the video-calling feature to make people think that it is not fake.

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However, we would like you not to fall in the prey of these scams. There is always a risk of hackers, scammers and cybercriminals for gaining access to your personal emails, contacts, documents, etc.

Whatsapp to Bring Video Calling Services to Android, Windows and IOS

Finally Whatsapp Video Calling Services Introduced

The large mobile messaging App Whatsapp has finally launched much-awaited video calling service to its users. The company owned by popular social networking website Facebook which has a huge number of users can now use Whatsapp Video Calling service across Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone devices.

The managers of the giant messaging app said that “we have received many emails and requests from our users for video calling service over many years. Finally, their wait is over, and here we are introducing Whatsapp Video Calling service to our users globally.”

To get this service, users can update the Whatsapp. Facebook has recently announced video calling service and now it is available in Whatsapp also. Whatsapp picked up by Facebook in 2014 for $19 billion which has over 150 million users in India.

Whatsapp and Facebook both are most popular in India and both have a huge user base and fastest growing in India. Currently, the popular messaging app provides facilities like messaging, group chat, and voice calling only. Now the newly introduced video calling service may take Whatsapp into another level undoubtedly.

How to Use Whatsapp Video Calling Service

The Facebook-owned company did not reveal any news about how the new feature will work. Latest reports saying that it will be end-to-end (E2E) encrypted.

To use this Whatsapp Video Calling feature: You have to open the chat option and select the phone icon in Whatsapp.

Whatsapp will show a video camera icon next to your contacts name when the feature is available. The video calling edge itself appears to be similar to the Facebook Messenger.

This gives the app an advantage over other neighboring apps like Messenger, Skype, and Duo. WhatsApp is very dedicated to make experience at equivalence with its competitors. And also continues to serve the Indian users with even more commitment.

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