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Celebrate Vinayaka Chavithi 2017 with HD Images, Wallpapers, Quotes, Facebook and Whatsapp Status

Ganesh Chaturthi


Ganesh Chaturthi is also commonly known as Vinayaka Chaturthi, Ganesh Festival, Vinayagar Chaturthi, Vinayaka Chavithi, is one of the important festivals in India which is celebrated throughout India with great devotion. This day is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Ganesh, the elephant-headed son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi.

Lord Ganesh is a symbol of wisdom, prosperity and good fortune. From the Puranas, it becomes a tradition that before praying to any god the first praying should be done to Lord Ganesh. Vinayaka Chaturthi is celebrated on Shukla Chaturthi of the Hindu month Badhra falls from August to September.

Ganesh Chaturthi

What is Shukla Chaturthi?

Chaturthi means the fourth or fourth state, and celebrations are usually held on the fourth day of first fortnight Shukla Chaturthi. The Ganesh Festival 2016 date is observed on 5th September. Hindus with great enthusiasm celebrate Vinayagar Chaturthi. The celebrations start, people bring idol of Lord Ganesh to their homes and do worship and chanters the mantra ‘Ganapati Bappa Morya’.

In preparation for Ganesh festival, artisans create clay models of Ganesh for sale. The idols are made according to the size for house celebrations to large community celebrations. Here from this page, viewers can download the Ganesh Chaturthi images. There is a grand celebration in the state of Maharashtra by the traditional instrument called Dhol or Tasha.

The Vinayaka Chavithi is celebrated throughout India, especially in Maharashtra and Telangana. The most significance of this festival is installing the idols and worshipping. At home, an approximately sized idol will be installed and worshipped with family and friends.

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

In the Ganesh Chaturthi, puja rituals the important ritual that has to do is listening to the Vinayaka Chavithi Story. The idol is worshipped in the morning and evening with an offering of flowers, durva (small grass), karanji (coconut & Jaggery) and modaks (prepared with rice flour). The duration of this festival varies from 1 day to 11 days, depending on the place and tradition. The festival usually lasts to ten days, ending on the fourteenth day of the fortnight (Anant Chaturdashi). At the end of the festival, idols are immersed in a large body of water such as sea, river, and lake.

As per Hindu mythology, Lord Ganesh is considered as ‘Vigana Harta’ (means one who removes obstacles) and Buddhi Pradayaaka (one who grants intelligence). This Vinayaka Chaturthi is very important for the students; they worship Lord Ganesh to illuminate their minds.

In the 21st century, with the world running fast into a global village, Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated all over the world wherever there is a presence of Hindu tradition. As a contribution from our side, we have provided the Vinayagar Chaturthi HD wallpapers free download, quotes in English & Hindi and images.

Ganesh Chaturthi 2016

Ganesh Chaturthi Quotes

Smiling is a sign of one’s good mood, Laughing is a sign of happiness,
Praying is a sign of good faith, Have “you” as my Friend is a, Sign of Ganesha’s Blessings! Happy Vinayaka Chaturthi

May Lord Ganesha shower, Abundant good luck on you, And may He always bestow
You with His blessings!, Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!

Vinayaka Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi Whatsapp Status

Wishing you never ending happiness,
Like Ganesha’s appetite,
Life as long as his trunk,
Troubles as small as his mouse,
Memories as sweet as his modaks.
Happy Ganesh Chaturthi.

Bhagwan Shri Ganesh Ki Krupa,
Aap Par Bani Rahe Har Dum,
Har Karya Mein Safalta Mile,
Jeewan Mein Na Aaye Koi Gum,
Ganesh Chaturthi Ki Shubhkaamnaayein ! ! !
Happy Ganesh Chaturthi…!!

Ganesh Chaturthi

 Ganesh Chaturthi Facebook Status

Aapka or khushiyo ka janam janam ka sath ho
Aap ki tarakki ki har kisi ki zuban par baat ho,
Jab bhi koyi mushkil aaye,
My friend Ganesha humesha aap ke saath ho.
Happy Ganesh Chaturthi !!!

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi 2017 Images, Pics, HD Wallpapers

Aate Bade Dhoom Se Ganpati Ji,
Jaate Bade Dhoom Se Ganpati Ji,
Aakhir Sabse Pehle Aakar,
Hamare Dilon Main Bas Jate Ganpati Ji.
Happy Ganesh Chaturthi !!!

Gajanana Shri Ganaraya,
Aadi Vandu Tuj Moraya,
Mangal-Murti-Morya. Jai Ganesha.

Ganesh Chaturthi

Tumachya aushyatala anand ganeshachya pota itka vishal aso,
adachani undara itkya lahan aso,
ayushya sonde itke lamb aso,
kshan modaka itke god asave aso
Ganesh Chaturthi chya Hardik Shubhechha…

Krishna Janmashtami 2017 Images, Muhurat, Wallpapers, Quotes, Messages, WhatsApp & Facebook Status

Janmashtami 2016

Krishna Janmashtami 2017 Images: is an annual celebration celebrated on the birth of Hindu deity Lord Krishna also called as Shri Krishna Jayanti. Janmashtami is also known as Saatam Aatham, Gokulashtami, Ashtami Rohini, Sri Krishna Jayanthi, and Lord Krishna Jayanti.

Lord Krishna Jayanthi (the eight avatar of Vishnu) celebrated on the Ashtami (eighth day) of the Krishna Paksha of Shravana which falls in between August-September in the Hindu calendar. The Hindus celebrate this festival by Krishna Janmashtami Fasting, worshipping and staying up until odd hours (midnight) and offer special prayers to Lord Krishna.

Krishna Janmashtami: Best Janmastami Status and Images for Whatsapp and Facebook

Shri Krishna Janmashtami

The devotees of Lord Krishna gather with devotional songs, dance, and exchange gifts.

Krishna Janmashtami Muhurat

  • This Janmashtami is Lord Krishnas’ 5243rd Birth Anniversary
  • Puja Time: 24:17 Hrs to 00:03 Hrs
  • Second Day Celebrations: (26th Aug)
  • Parana Time from 10:52 which is Rohini Nakshatra End Time
  • Dahi Handi, Ashtami Tithi begins at 22:17 Hrs and Ends at 25th August 20:07 Hrs.

Happy Janmashtami

Krishna Janmashtami: Celebrations and Unknown Facts about Lord Krishna

Krishna Janmashtami WhatsApp Status

Celebrating Lord Krishna’s birthday, helps in awakening our spirit & reminds us Of His presence always! Happy Janmashtami.

May Lord Krishna come to your house & take away all your makhan & mishri with all your worries & sorrows. Happy Janmashtami!”

Lord Krishna believed in Karam Yoga, Follow the right path, and See unity in diversity, Serve humanity without expecting rewards. Happy Janmashtami!!”


Krishna Janmashtami Whatsapp Messages

May the Natkhat Nand Lal always give you happiness, health & prosperity; and may you find peace in Krishna consciousness. Happy Krishna Janmashtami!”

May Lord Krishna steal all your tensions and worries on this Janmashtmi! And give you all the love, peace and happiness. Happy Sre Krishna Janmashtami!!”

May Lord Krishna Shower All His Blessing on You, May you get a lot of happiness in life. Happy Janmashtami 2016.”

janmashtami quotes in hindi

Krishna Janmashtami status in Hindi

Shri Krishan ki kripa aap par sada bani rahe. Mubarak ho apko Janmasthami ka tyohar

Krishna jinka nam, gokul jinka dham, aise Shree Krishna bhagwan ko, ham sab ka pranam, jai shree krishna! Happy Janmashtami !!”

The day of love and fortune, the day of birth of Lord Krishna, a lover, friend & divine Guru – Happy Shri Krishna Janmashtami.

Janmashtami 2016

Friendship Day: Quotes, Images, Greetings, Wallpapers

Friendship Day 2016

Friendship Day 2017: Friendship Day is celebrated annually in different countries across the world. Initially, Friendship day is celebrated on different dates in different countries. However, some countries like India and others celebrate on the first Sunday of August each year.

Friendship is one kind of relationship of mutual affection between two or more people. Friendship is a stronger form of interpersonal bond than the association. A study from the World Happiness Database says that people with close friendships are happiest than ever.

Happy Friendship Day: Best Facebook and WhatsApp Status

In the previous days, the wishes are sent in the form of letters, and the greetings or the wishes are made with personally with the gifts, sweets, chocolates or other particular things relates to your lovable friends. This year Friendship Day 2017 is celebrated on August 5.

But now in the world of technology, people have the less time to implement the old methods of wishing. They are sharing the wishes through the online. So those who are you looking for the Friendship Day Quotes, Images, Greetings and Wallpapers can be able to get the collection from here.

Friendship Day: Awesome Messages and SMS

Best Images for Friendship Day 2017


“A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.”

Friendship Day

“Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow,
Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead
Walk beside me and be my friend.”

“To be depressed is to be lonely; to have a friend is to be happy…”

Life without friendship is like the sky without sun

A friend is someone who can see the truth and pain in you even when you are fooling everyone else.

“One’s best friend is oneself.”

Happy FD 2016

Never abandon old friends. They are hard to replace. Friendship is like wine: it gets BETTER as it grows OLDER. Just like us, I get BETTER, you get OLDER.

Life without friendship is like the sky without sun.


Books, like friends, should be few and well chosen.


Best Quotes for Friendship Day 2017


How long shall v b friends? Do you want a clue? As long as stars twinkle in the sky, till the water runs dry & till the day I die. We will b friends.


I might run out of cute graphics to send you, but I’ll never run out of this: care for u.


Time & distance are important between friends. When a friend is in your heart, they remain there forever. I may be busy, but I assure you, you are always in my heart!

A friend gives hope when life is low. A friend is a place where you can go. A friend is honest- A friend is true. A friend is precious. A friend is u!


True friends are like Diamonds; they are real & rare. False friends r like leaves, they r scattered everywhere.

Friendship Day: Top 10 Unique Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend

Handsome, Sweet, Intelligent, Spontaneous, Good Looking, Nice Friends, Charming, Funny, well, Enough about ME! How about u?


“A single candle can illuminate an entire room. A true friend lights up an entire lifetime. Thanks for the bright lights of your friendship.”

I find it difficult to find apt words to describe you; you know how much you mean to me. Thank you for being with me throughout my life. Wish you Happy Friendship Day.


“A true friend sees the first tear… catches the second, and stops the third.”

“Another month, Another year, Another smile another tear;
Another winter and another summer too, But there can never be another YOU.”


“Everyone hears what you say. Friends listen to what you say. Best friends listen to what you  don’t say.”

“Celebrate this day with your Friends and Best Friends and Enjoy the day. Wish you happy  Friendship Day.”


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Guru Purnima Images 2017: Guru Poornima Wallpapers Download HD Guru Purnima Pics for Facebook

Guru Purnima Images

Guru Purnima Images 2017:Guru Purnima this year falls on Sunday, July 9 2017. It is a special day between teacher and student. In India Guru Poornima is celebrated on full moon day in month of Ashadh. Guru Purnima is dedicated to one’s guru, acharya/teacher or mentor. On this day Buddha gave his first sermon at Sarnath so it is called Buddha Purnima.

We already have Teachers day to pay our respect to the teachers in India but we also have Guru Purnima to pay respects to our Gurus and spiritual teachers. In Sankskrit language the word ‘Guru’ has lot of meaning. ’Gu’ means darkness of ignorance and ‘ru’ stand for the removal of darkness. Not everyone is fated to find the true guru in their life, if you found the guru in your life just cherish him/her. Share your wishes with your guru by sending Guru Purnima Images 2017 with quotes. You can download Guru Purnima Wallpapers hd from our page.

Guru Purnima Images 2017

Coming to traditional Approach, Earlier in olden days students uses to help guru’s in washing garments, ironing guru clothes, cooking and serving them, after studying hours. But now it has become very fashion students complain on gurus, shout at them and speak bad about them. Present students are not doing given works regarding studies only, so how can they respect and help teachers. It’s not our point of view that students have to do personal work to teachers but give respect to them and worship them.

List of things to know about Guru Purnima 2017

  • According to Hindu calendar, Guru Purnima falls in month of full-moon day in the Hindu month of Ashadh which is between June-August
  • Guru purnima is celebrated to pay homage to Maharshi Veda Vyasa, the sages who edited the sacred Hindu text, Mahabharata, the Vedas and wrote 18 puranas. This scriptures lay upon foundation of Hindu religion
  • In Buddhist religion it is a festival to celebrate the holiness of Guru, Lord Buddha. He delivered his first sermon at Sarnath, U.P. on this day.
  • It is also the beginning of monsoon, which is important reason to celebrate for farmers.
  • People who are thinking to start a spiritual learning this day is fortunate day to start.

Guru Purnima Images 2017

Guru Poornima

Therefore on behalf of Guru Purnima , we should bestowed entire day upon teachers who illuminate our lives with light of Knowledge and Wisdom. Take a glance at Guru Purnima Images 2017 to share on Facebook and Whatsapp. Download the latest Guru Poornima wallpapers hd and decorate your desktops and mobiles.

happy guru purnima images

Guru Poornima 2017

Guru Purnima Wallpapers

Guru Purnima Wallpapers hd

happy Guru purnami images

happy guru purnami images

Bihu 2017: Collection of Bohag Bihu Images, HD Wallpapers free Download, Rongali Bihu Quotes

Bihu 2017

Bohag Bihu 2017

Bihu is the celebration of the change of the seasons where Assam is a fertile land surrounded by the Blue Mountains and flowing Brahmaputra River. It is the official state festival of Assam, and it marks the three various phases of farming calendar. Irrespective of caste, creed or religious beliefs, Assamese celebrates this festival with utmost joy and happiness. On this auspicious day, share Bihu Images and Happy Bihu Wallpapers on your Facebook and Whatsapp. Increase the festivity by sending best Happy Bohag Bihu Quotes to your friends and family members.

Also Read Happy Bohag Bihu 2017: Best Messages, Wishes and Greetings

There are three Bihu associated with the significance of the festival. As per the tradition and religious rituals of Assam, the first Bihu is known as Bohag Bihu or Rongali Bihu which is celebrated in the month of April every year. The second Bihu is called as Katti Bihu or Kongali Bihu, celebrated in October month and last three one is Magh Bihu which is celebrated during January month. Assamese involve in large celebrations by exchanging greetings, wishes and sending Bohag Bihu Images and Rongali Bihu HD Wallpapers to each other.

Happy Bohag Bihu Quotes

Bohag Bihu or Rongali Bihu is a traditional festival celebrated on 14th, 15th and 16th April 2017 which involves various rituals where people cook a traditional recipe with rice, and they wear traditional Assam dress. Music and Dance form the important role in the festival celebrations. The first Bihu Bohag Bihu or Rongali Bihu which continues for seven days in the Baisakh month namely

  • Raati Bihu
  • Goru Bihu
  • Manuah Bihu
  • Goasain Bihu
  • Kutum Bihu
  • Senehi Bihu
  • Mela Bihu

Bihu Wallpapers

It is celebrated onset of spring and farmers and they prepare the field for cultivation on the first Bihu day with great enthusiasm and joy throughout the state. There will be a band of male singers who visit each and every household in the state and sings traditional bihu songs and they offer blessings to the households. People believe that this festival brings happiness and prosperity in their lives. If you are in search of Happy Rongali Bihu Images and Bihu Wallpapers for Facebook and Whatsapp, you can find it from here. We have provided the cool stuff of Happy Rongali Bihu Quotes which you share in social networking websites. Here we wishing a very #HappyBihu

Happy Rongali Bihu Images

Happy RongaliBihu

Let us vow to take life in our stride this Bihu and make it tolerable as well as beautiful by accepting sorrow and happiness with sanity.

Another RongaliBihu is here, Let us banish our worries and mistakes and start afresh. Happy BohagBihu!

Rongali Bihu Quotes

B-Bond of Love, I-Icon of Assam, H-Humanity, U-Unity… This is our Bihu, our soul..wish you all a Happy RongaliBihu 2017

I hope this RongaliBihu will bring cheer, prosperity and peace in your life. Let us pray that we gain enough strength to accept the highs and lows of life with equanimity.

Bihutiahise, dhulpepabajise, birikheholaisepaat, nahororhubakhoturemon, ulahotbihubihulagisegaatbihurhiyabhorasubhessajonalu. Happy BohagBihu!

Bohag Bihu Images

Let this Bihu give you the strength to do all that you dreamed to do during last year but didn’t dare to do.

RongaliBihu stands for new and fresh – Life is always new and fresh – Let us strive to make all days Bihu.

Let this Bihu usher in a Good and Sweet Year, both materially and spiritually.

HoytoTomaiValobesaKorechilamVhul, Taito AkhonDicchiSaiVhular E Mashool, PhoolVabeTumariSuduKortamSadona Tai BodhoySoiteHochchaKatarJontrona. 

Happy Rongali Bihu Quotes